General Solutions

General Solutions belongs to a group of leading companies in the field of metal manufacturing and fabrication of steel and welded components. During the last couple of years, General Solutions has made significant investments in a field of expansion of its metal manufacturing program and became the attractive partner for many new clients.

Our working facilities are: production hall and warehouse (total area 5000 m²). Our factory can produce metal constructions and metal components by cutting(laser cutting, plasma cutting, mechanical cutting, stamping machine, bending parts up to 25mm... All our machines are CNC machines. We have also a department for welding (CLOOS robot and CLOOS welding machines)parts or modules and our company is certified on ISO 3834-2 and our welders are certified on EN ISO 9606-1. Our production team consists of skilled locksmiths, machinists, welders, foremen and engineers. Our clients are multinational companies and 90% of our products are for export.

If you are interested in a potential cooperation with us please let us know. You can find our contact data here and we can arrange a visit to your office or you can visit us.

Our mission is to ensure easy high-quality products, working with us is simple and inexpensive. We own following certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 50001:2011, ISO 2834-2

Materials that we use are cast iron, steel plates, profiles, bars and more. We offer attractive prices combined with modern technologies and modern machines.

We process 2600 t of different kinds of metal materials per year. Our annual turnover is more then 6 million Euro. Company is employing 92 workers at the moment.


Because we put all of our knowledge and experience to the production and distribution of metal products.

Because we offer complete solutions for packaging for your small, medium, or large manufacturing facility and build packages according to the needs of each client.

Because our products are made according to precise specifications in accordance with the requirements of your end users.

Because we deliver our service with required quality, reliable and on time.

Because we value your trust and we return that through the support and quality of service.

Because we offer attractive prices, combined with modern technology.

Because of our method of operation is in accordance with the highest standards.

Because of cooperation with us is always easy and cost-effective.

Because the creation of high-quality products for us is not a job, but a mission.